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Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail Location
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Bail Bonds in Los Angeles, CA

Do You Have A Loved One in Custody in the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail? Do You Need a Bail Bonds Company or Bail Bondsman in Los Angeles County?

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If you have a loved one arrested in the Los Angeles County Jail also Know as the Men's Central Jail, please call 213-261-0711 for free inmate information.  We understand most people have never been in this situation before, our Licensed Professional Bail Agents can save you the time of having to drive down to the Los Angeles County Jail.  Often times, people are not aware of the Arrest Process and can spend hours researching Inmate Information that can be obtained in one call to any of our Licensed Bail Agents.  Please allow Bail Bonds Los Angeles County. Com an opportunity to earn your trust and respect, by answering all questions you may have and proving the best possible Bail Bonds Service in Los Angeles County.
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Los Angeles County Bail Bonds Process

The most common form of initial contact with a Los Angeles Bail Bonds Company or Bail Bondsman is through a phone call from either a family member or the inmate themselves. Inmates at the Los Angeles County Jail or Men's Central Jail are allowed to make collect calls from their cells.  Initially the Los Angeles Bail Bonds Company or Bail Bondsman will gather basic information such as name and contact numbers for possible cosigners for the Bail Bond agreement.  One of our Licensed Bail Bonds Agents will ask a number of questions to evaluate the risk of having the inmate released on a Bail Bond.  Every Bond is evaluated on a case by case basis. Questions can include the defendants past criminal record, employment and residence history for both the inmate and the cosigner/s.  This is a Bail industry standard, so expect this regardless of what Bail Bonds Company or Bail Bondsman you use.  Once the Bail Bond is approved, the client will be asked to sign Bail Bond documentation that can also be completed via fax or email.  Once the paperwork is completed, our Licensed Bail Bonds Agent will take the necessary paperwork to the Los Angeles County Jail to "post the Bail Bond". The entire Bail Bond Process in Los Angeles County Jail or Men's Central Jail can take approximately 8 - 12 hours due to its very large inmate capacity. 

What Will be the Bail Bond Cost?

California Bail Law mandates that the Bail Bond fee charged is 10% of the total Bail Amount. (for example, the total Bail Amount is $10,000, your cost should be 10% which is $1,000.) There are a few exceptions where Bail Bond Companies are allowed to charge a discounted rate of 8% of the total Bail Bond Amount.  These exceptions include:

  • Clients that are represented by a Private Attorney
  • Active Union Members
  • Active Military personnel & Veterans
  • AARP Members

Be careful of anyone offering a lower amount, for paying anything less for a Bail Bond is illegal, and can get your loved one back in custody and  leave you out of your money! Do you really want to deal with a Bail Bonds Company or Bail Bondsman that is willing to break the law? There are many legal alternatives.  We provide 0% interest financing, with affordable plans that fit all budgets. 

Why Choose Bail Bonds Los Angeles County .Com

The Los Angeles County Jail or Men's Central Jail is surrounded by lots of Bail Bond Companies and Bail Bondsman, but people choose us for many reasons.  More About Los Angeles County Bail Bonds Click Here.

    • Professional and confidential Bail Bonds Service
    • Bail Bonds by Fax or Email - We can do the whole Bail Bond Process via fax or email to save you time, and a trip to the Los Angeles County Jail
    • Bail Bondsman Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round
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    • Provide Payment Plans (O.A.C) &  Interest free financing
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In general, the entire process at the Los Angeles County Jail or Men's Central Jail (booking, posting bail, inmate release ..etc.) is usually more delayed than the average Sheriff or Police Station due to the large inmate capacity of its Jail.  As you can imagine, the Bail Bond Process itself is different in every station due to the way the Jail itself operates.  Below you will find some helpful information that will help you better understand the Los Angeles County Jail system.  For F.A.Q. click here.

The Los Angeles County Jail Booking Process

When a person is arrested at the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail, there is a process that must be completed before a Bail Bondsman can post a Bail Bond on behave of the inmate.  This process is commonly known as "Booking Process".  Once a person is arrested and placed in custody of the Los Angeles County Jail or Men's Central Jail, the inmate has to go thru the Inmate Reception Center (IRC).  There the Jailer will take inventory of the arrestee's belongings as he/she searches for weapons, drugs, paraphernalia or any other threats.  Then the Jailer will fingerprint and run a background check on the individual to ensure that there isn't any outstanding warrants or possible probation / parole holds.  The fingerprints are tracked through the "Live Scan" system, which will check / update local, state and federal databases.  This process can take several hours depending on the workload the Jailers are experiencing at the time.  They will not get a change to make a phone call until they are in a housed in a cell.  Some inmates will try to contact a Bail Bonds Company or Bail Bondsman directly (we take collect calls); others will contact a family member or loved one first.  Whichever way it may be, the faster Bail Bonds Los Angeles County .Com is contacted the faster we can start the Bail Bond Process.  Also the results for the criminal background/ warrant check can take several hours and must be completed in order for a Bail Bonds Agent to be allowed to post Bail

Los Angeles County Jail Visitation Hours

The Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail allows inmates to receive a 15 minute visit limited to 1 adult and 2 children. The visiting schedule at the Los Angeles County Jail or Men's Central Jail is (10:00am – 3:00pm & 5:00pm – 7:00pm) Thursday - Sunday.  There is no visiting in the Inmate Reception Center (IRC)  Children are required to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  The Los Angeles  County Jail or Men's Central Jail requires all visitors to show a valid government issued photo identification.  It is recommended to show up as early as possible, accommodations are on a first come, first serve basis; and can be delayed if the Jail deputy’s workload is elevated.  All visitors at the Los Angeles County Jail or Men's Central Jail are subject to search and will be arrested if any warrants, illegal Drugs or weapons are found by the Jail Deputy.   

Options for Release

A Bail Bond is not the only option for release from the Los Angeles County Jail or Men's Central Jail. There are several options for the release of an inmate. These options include:

  • Bail Bond - A written promise signed by a defendant or a surety (one who promises to act in place of another) to pay an amount fixed by a court should the defendant named in the document fail to appear in court for the designated criminal proceeding at the date and time specified.

  • Cash Bail - Requires payment of the full Bail Amount. The inmate will be released if he/she is clear for Bail, and will be reimbursed once he/she has appeared to all required court dates. This is a good alternative for those who have a very minimal Bail Amount. Cash Bail can be posted for large amounts as long as the payee is able to source the money and willing to have the money tied up for the long periods of time.  Money is sourced to ensure that it wasn't obtained through illegal means.

  • Property Bonds- As the name indicates, this option involves real estate. The process can take several weeks and is similar to a real estate transaction. The property must have at least 150% of the Bail Amount in equity.  There are fees involved, check with your local authorities for specific fees.  With this option, the court can foreclose the property if the defendant fails to appear to all mandated court dates.

  • "CITE OUT"- This is when a person is arrested, then released after being issued a citation that states the date he/she must return to court.  Very common for traffic violations and minor infractions. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the defendant will most likely be issued a warrant.

  • Own Recognizance (O.R.) - Only a judge can grant a defendant to be released on "O.R.".  The    defendant is released with a written promise that he / she will attend all required court dates. There are several factors that a judge usually takes into consideration when releasing a inmate on O.R. These factors include the severity of the crime, the individuals criminal history, current employment, ties with family/local community, and the overall likeliness that the individual will   flee. O.R. is not guaranteed even if the defendant satisfies all of these factors.

Los Angeles County Jail - Men's Central Jail Release Process

There is also a process that must occur prior to a person is being released from the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail.  Like the booking process, this process can vary depending on the workload each Jail or sheriff / police station has.  Smaller sheriff / police stations can take only a few minutes, while larger Jails (like Los Angeles County Jail) can take several hours before releasing an individual.  The Los Angeles County Jail usually takes anywhere from 12 hours - 24 hour to release an inmate after posting the Bail Bond.  Once an individual is released he/she can claim personal property, and go home.

About Los Angeles County Jail System

The Los Angeles County Jail or Men's Central Jail is located at:
450 Bauchet St. Los Angeles, CA 90012.

According to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Website:

Men’s Central Jail
(MCJ) is located near downtown Los Angeles, about one mile from the Hall of Justice, just North/East of Union station. Its primary purpose is to provide security for sentenced and high security, pre-trial inmates. Together with the Transportation Bureau (TST), the Inmate Reception Center (IRC), the Twin Towers Correctional (TTCF), and the Central Jail Arraignment Courts (CJAC), all located on Bauchet St. it makes up the Central Regional Justice Center.

About Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles County (incorporated as the County of Los Angeles) is a county in California and is the most populous county in the United States. Figures from the U.S. Census Bureau give an estimated 2009 population of 9,848,011 residents, while the California Department of Finance lists a January 1, 2009, estimate of 10,393,185. The county seat is the city of Los Angeles, the largest city in California and the second-largest city in the United States.

The county is home to over a quarter of all California residents. One of the most diverse counties in the country, it holds most of the principal cities encompassing the Greater Los Angeles Area and is the core of the five counties that make up the area. Los Angeles County was one of the original counties of California, created at the time of statehood in 1850.