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Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail Location
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About Los Angeles County Bail Bonds

BailBondsLosAngelesCounty.Com is a Bail Bonds Company that is proud to operate in a professional, ethical, and confidential matter.  Our Bail Bonds Agents have acquired over 10 years of experience by working in both corporate and family owned atmospheres.  Be assured that Bail Bonds Los Angeles. Com will provide you with the professionalism of a corporate company, with the customer service and attention of a family owned business.

Bail Bonds Los Angeles County. Com aspires to the highest professional standards in its steadfast efforts to be the leading provider of Bail Bonds Services in Southern California.  Bail Bonds Los Angeles County . Com therefore embraces promptness, courtesy, reliability, flexibility, discretion, and creativity to provide its clients with a robust range of services.  Moreover, Bail Bonds Los Angeles County. Com firmly believes the following:

  • Confidentiality represents our highest priority
  • Respect and understanding must define relationships with our clients
  • Clear and patient communication are essential virtues
  • We must always deal ethically and honestly with our clients
  • Compliance with all laws & all Bail Bond business regulations
  • Customer satisfaction


Bail Bondsman Available 24 hours 7 Days - FAST SERVICE

We have licensed Bail Bonds Agents available 24 hours a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year.  We understand the importance of having your loved one home as soon as possible.  Our experienced Bail Bond Agents know that every Jail or Police Station operate in a somewhat unique way, and we will be able to provide you with the best Bail Service possible.  Most of our Bail Agents are Bilingual - para informacion de fianzas en espanol oprima aqui.

A Bail Bonds Company that is Flexible in every Way - Collateral Often Not Needed

We understand that the current economy and housing market have caused many people to be unable to provide collateral.  We are a very conscious Bail Bonds Company that is willing to try to find a fair and creative solution to every Bail situation that arises.  Our licensed Bail Bonds Agents look for compensating factors that will allow you to have your loved one released from the Los Angeles County Jail or any other Jail / LAPD Station / or Sheriff Station in California without having to put up any collateral. (O.A.C.)

Our Bail Bond Agents We Come To You

Is Transportation an Issue? Not With Bail Bonds Los Angeles County. Com Even though our Bail Bond office is walking distance from the Los Angeles County Jail, we can have a Licensed Bondsman come to you if you desire.  Our Licensed Bail Bonds Agents are always prepared with all the required documentation needed to complete all of the Bail Bond Agreement at the comfort of your home.  

Bail Bonds by Fax/Email

Are you at work, and can't find a way to get to your loved one?  Bail Bonds Los Angeles County. Com can save you the hassle of having to drive to the Los Angeles County Jail, or any Jail / Sheriff Station / LAPD Station in southern California.  All you need to do is pick up the phone and ask to speak with our professional Licensed Bail Bond Agents.  We can complete all the required paper work over the phone and send it over to you via E-mail or Fax.

Credit Cards Accepted

The need for a Bail Bond never comes at the a convenient time, we understand that accepting all major credit cards is a must. 

0% Financing with no Hidden Fees

Bail Bonds Los Angeles County. Com provides true 0% financing (O.A.C.) with no hidden fees.  A benefit of dealing with our Licensed Bail Bonds Agents is that you will be walked through every document before you sign.  That way you will never have any surprises in the future.  For any further questions please Contact Us at (213) 261-0711 one of our Bail Bond Agent on duty will gladly answer all your Bail Bond questions. You may also refer to our F.A.Q. section.